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About Us


Thank You for for sparing your precious time to know more about ePotpham. Here are some things that we think that you would like to know about us

We are Officially Registered with DIC as M/s ePotpham 14/006/21/01922/MICRO Part I. We started ePotpham on 2013 and it went live on 7th July. We started ePotpham taking in view of the huge demands of Indigenous Manipuri products(outside Manipur) and making it easily available.
Most of the products availabel in ePotpham are 100% organic and the products are made in small and medium cottage industries.
We hope you enjoy our Products as much as we enjoy ourselves making them available.

If you have any queries or feedback, please drop us a mail at : feedback@epotpham.com or using our Contact Page.


ePotpham Team.