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CC Tea Granule

Brand: The Sui Generis
Product Code: EPSUI01
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 200 gm.
Rs 299.00

Sui Generis CC Tea has a very distinct yet appeasing lemony taste. Drinking CC tea is a good way to get the soothing benefits of this herb on a regular basis. CC Tea helps many in relieving from their health ailments.     

  • Helps relieve constipation.
  • Helps with poor digestion, stomach aches, gas, bowel spasms and diarrhoea.    
  • A mild sedative and can calm nerves.
  • Helps in keeping the eyes and skin healthy and reduce hair-fall.    
  • Helps relieve menstruation problems and nausea.    
  • Promotes perspiration and lower fever or cool the body in high temperatures.    
  • Helps to get rid of toxins and excess fats in the body.    
  • Helps improve liver function and lower uric acid level.    
  • Helps lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.    
  • An ancient remedy for curing chest congestion, colds and coughs.
Product Spec
Weight 200gram