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Why do we take Shipping Charges?

Why do we take Shipping Charges?

Most of our clients ask us this question all the time. So we are writing this short blog explaining why we charge Shipping fees.First of all we are a small start up firm based in Manipur, promoting Indigenous products of Manipur to the world. Compared to Flipkart/Amazon or Jabong, we are very very small(in fact not comparable). We cannot hook up with a Courier Company for reducing the Shipping Charges. As most of these companies want certain amount of items to be shipped from them in a month, which we cannot do as the order we received are very small.  So we are left with no option but to charge Shipping fees for each order.  But one thing  we can promise that, if the frequency of order increases we will surely decrease our Shipping charges to the Possible minimum amount.

We are happy that we are able to provide our home made products to the people living outside Manipur. We get many feedbacks(mostly from parents who have wards living outside Manipur) that they love the thing we are doing as they can order from their home and get it delivered to their wards through ePotpham. Also we get Negative feedbacks about our shipping charges and the number of products available in our shop. We accept those feedback and take it as a suggestion from our well wishers. Do keep the feedback and suggestion coming, without it we will not be able to develop our service.

ePotpham Team.

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